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Best 9 Moisturizing Foundations to Hydrate Super Dry Skin

by The Mind Blown

Because we’re going for dewy, not desert.

Thanks to puberty, hormonal imbalances, and temperatures significantly dropping during the winter months, we’ve all experienced a dry patch at some point or another.

Luckily, dehydrated skin is not a death sentence for our complexion. It can be remedied with the right moisturizing tools found amongst our skincare stash and makeup bag.

Lancôme Teint Idole Utra 24H Long Wear Foundation

Applying a thick layer of foundation over dry skin can be super uncomfortable, especially when there are no healing benefits for a comfortable wear.

Lancôme’s velvety soft mixture is made with eternal soft polymers for a soft wear with strong results. It provides medium to full coverage for up to 24 hours so you can conceal redness, enlarged pores, and shine.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

MAKE UP FOR EVER’s foundation puts an emphasis on moisture, focusing on providing buildable coverage with a dewy finish to trigger your complexion’s inner glow.

Made from 80% water and pro-vitamin B5, this blend will not only saturate the face with hydration, but it will also improve your complexion’s elasticity. 

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SEPHORA COLLECTION Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation

Sephora Collection Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation Fawn
22 Reviews
Sephora Collection Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation Fawn
  • An airbrush foundation with an ultrafine mist for flawless makeup results at home. What it does: Blur imperfections seamlessly and control shine for up to 10 hours with this satin-finish foundation. The weightless, micro-fine pigments of InstaBlend technology ensure color lays down smooth and seamless, so you can build to your desired coverage level—from light to full—for a flawless look every time. Mineral-rich red algae extract protects the skin.
  • This oil-free, extra fine mist is easy to apply, noncomedogenic, and dermatologist-tested.
  • This product is not tested on animals

Reach supermodel status with Sephora’s airbrush technique.

It’s made with red algae extract to shield skin from environmental stressors (i.e., harsh winds, low temps) along with an InstaBlend technology derived from micro-fine pigments to form a soft-focus finish. Just mist on and look magnificent for up to 10 hours of wear.

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Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Light 48
660 Reviews
Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Light 48
  • Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Light 48

If full coverage is your forte, look no further. Lock-It formulas are a light on the face, and a small pump can be spread around the entire complexion. 

Infused with glycerin to provide extreme hydration, the semi-matte finish is set to last up to 24 hours. 

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Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Dewy + Smooth Foundation

Maybelline New York Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation, 360 Mocha, 1 Fl. Oz (Pack of 1) (Packaging May Vary),1210FMFD-360
21,631 Reviews
Maybelline New York Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation, 360 Mocha, 1 Fl. Oz (Pack of 1) (Packaging May Vary),1210FMFD-360
  • Dewy and smooth foundation makeup with spf 18
  • Hydrating foundation smoothes skin's texture
  • Leaves a naturally luminous finish
  • Moisturizing foundation ideal for normal to dry skin

Maybelline’s label spells it out for you: This foundation will fit your face.

They’re guaranteeing a dewy finish and smooth canvas in black and white right on the bottle, with a super lightweight formula. They will adjust to your personal tone and texture for a natural fit.

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Revlon Colorstay Makeup for Normal/Dry Skin

REVLON ColorStay Makeup for Normal/Dry Skin SPF 20, Longwear Liquid Foundation, with Medium-Full Coverage, Natural Finish, Oil Free, 392 Sun Beige, 1.0 oz
8,344 Reviews
REVLON ColorStay Makeup for Normal/Dry Skin SPF 20, Longwear Liquid Foundation, with Medium-Full Coverage, Natural Finish, Oil Free, 392 Sun Beige, 1.0 oz
  • OIL FREE FOUNDATION FOR NORMAL/DRY SKIN: Our cult-favorite, smooth, lightweight, liquid foundation is made to give your normal/dry skin a natural finish
  • ALL DAY, LONG LASTING MAKEUP: Our 24-hour wear Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation won’t fade or transfer, and has an SPF 20 sun protection boost
  • MEDIUM/BUILDABLE COVERAGE: Blend a small dab for medium coverage and a naturally flawless, smooth look. Build up for full coverage as desired
  • 24 SHADES THAT FIT YOUR SKIN TONE: ColorStay liquid foundation offers 24 shades that fit all skin tones, including light, medium olive, deep, and dark skin. Use our shade finder to find the perfect match for your cool, warm, or natural skin tone
  • LIVE BOLDLY WITH REVLON MAKEUP: Revlon has the high-quality, high-pigment, bold makeup you need to be yourself. Create any look—day to night, weekday to weekend—with our longwear color eyeshadows, eyeliners, matte or shiny lipsticks, and more

If you’re banking on coverage on a budget, Revlon Colorstay was made for dry skin (literally) for less money.

The brand patented its SoftFlex comfort technology to guarantee up to 16 hours of buildable medium to full coverage wear sans caking, fading, or dullness.

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Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15, Light Medium Sand
949 Reviews
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15, Light Medium Sand
  • 12-hour liquid foundation formulated with Amazonian clay and non-chemical sunscreen filters.
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 15
  • Oil free makeup
  • 50ml/1.7oz

Tarte’s fan-favorite foundation may not outwardly market that it’s for a certain kind of complexion. Still, if we’ve learned anything in the beauty realm, it’s to always pay attention to labels.

Amazonian Clay, the brand’s not-so-secret weapon to class-A cosmetics, is a skin-balancing ingredient that adjusts to your individual PH and aids all skin traumas.

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Laura Mercier Silk Crème Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation

Laura Mercier Silk Cream Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation, Bamboo Beige, 1 Fl Oz
106 Reviews
Laura Mercier Silk Cream Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation, Bamboo Beige, 1 Fl Oz
  • A hydrating, 12-hour wear foundation
  • Leaves a flawless finish.
  • The high pigment formula blends seamlessly, hiding even hard-to-cover imperfections.
  • Provides long lasting full coverage for up to 12 hours

Prepping to be photo perfect all night long can be tiresome… Especially when dry skin’s got you camera-shy.

Laura Mercier’s Silk Crème cocktail features a silk protein blend, tea extract, and a generous helping of shea butter. They will aid hydration and nourish the skin for a natural finish so you’ll feel comfortable when it’s time for a close-up.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Too Faced Born This Way Medium-to-Full Coverage Foundation in Light Beige 1 OZ
334 Reviews
Too Faced Born This Way Medium-to-Full Coverage Foundation in Light Beige 1 OZ
  • Medium-to-full undetectable coverage
  • Longwearing for 12 hours
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Hyaluronic filling spheres for a smoother, more youthful appearance
  • Coconut water to aid in delicately replenishing skin’s moisture levels

If excess oils come and go like the tides, give Too Faced’s foundation a go. Born This Way accepts you for who you are and all your facial happenings.

Offering medium to full coverage, “skin-loving benefits,” and transparency to ensure a natural-looking finish. It was inspired by and aims to provide the ideals of waking up flawless.

Buying Guide for the Best Moisturizing Foundations

Choosing the best moisturizing foundations for dry skin is an important consideration for makeup artists to make. Dry skin types have a tendency to have more wrinkles than other skin types, which leads to the foundation being applied unevenly or even not at all.

The best way to combat the problem of wearing a foundation that just does not work is to be sure you buy the right one. The best moisturizing foundation for dry skin will contain ingredients that will not make your skin worse. A formula containing tiny amounts of the wrong things can leave your skin feeling greasy and shiny. To avoid these problems, look for a makeup artist with experience working with skin types like yours.

Moisturizing foundations offer the best option for those who want coverage without looking cakey or like a mask. It is the only method of covering up skin that will give you long-lasting, even natural-looking color. Dry skin tends to wrinkle more than oilier skin, so the key to effective coverage is light yet thick enough cream that will moisturize the skin while also setting it and making it look smooth and light.

For those with extremely sensitive skin, a moisturizing foundation should contain even oil-free and fragrance-free ingredients. If a product contains many fragrance ingredients or parabens, it may not be the best foundation for you. In fact, it may even be harmful. Foundation works by holding moisture in and providing a soft, even canvas on which to apply makeup.

There are two kinds of moisturizing foundations – oily and dry skin. Oily moisturizing foundations work well with oily skin types. Still, they may cause the skin to become oily later and be more prone to acne. The best moisturizing foundations are water-based. An oil-free foundation will leave the skin feeling as hydrated as it was when it was first applied. Those with extremely dry skin should avoid any moisturizing foundations that contain oil-based ingredients. They will also need to use a moisturizer after using the foundation.

In addition to foundations that are oil-free and have no oil-based ingredients, there are light moisturizers and cream foundations. A light cream will moisturize the skin while still providing medium coverage. This is a good option for those with very dry skin. Some of these light formulas can even make the skin look better without makeup. These can work well under makeup because they are lighter than some of the heavier creams and have more moisturizing properties.

moisturizing foundations

Ingredients That Make a Difference

The best moisturizing foundations for dry skin contain ingredients that will prevent your skin from drying out. For example, if you are looking for a facial foundation with spf30, the following sunscreen features are used in many of these types of foundations:

-Salicylic Acid: Helps unclog pores and remove dead skin cells, to allow other ingredients to penetrate more easily into the skin

-Niacinamide: Helps balance oil production and reduce acne

-Menthol: Gives a refreshing tingling sensation while helping reduce inflammation

Even if you are not interested in finding makeup specifically marketed as moisturizing foundations for dry skin, all makeup should include these sunscreen types. Finding other key ingredients that will hydrate your skin is the best way to save time and money on products that may not work as you had hoped they would.

The Science Behind Moisturizing Foundations for Dry Skin

Products like moisturizing foundations for dry skin go beyond just including ingredients that fight against dryness and irritation, however. The manufacturing process also plays a role in how well these types of makeup hold up over long periods of use, so be sure to avoid products with crumbly or too-soft consistencies. Ideally, moisturizing foundations for dry skin should feel light on the skin and blend easily with little need for added powder or setting spray if possible. This can help by reducing the number of layers needed to achieve a smooth texture and appearance.

Moisturizing foundations for dry skin are the best way to improve your makeup’s lifespan and color clarity, so be sure you take every step possible to find the right product. For information on how to test moisturizing foundations for dry skin before buying them, read through this article

Water-based vs. oil-based Moisturizing foundations

Water-based moisturizing foundations for dry skin tend to last longer. However, they may lack the level of coverage that you desire. Oil-based moisturizing foundations for dry skin will likely look more natural and feel less drying on your face. However, it is possible to need touchups after a few hours of wearing them.

Choosing the Best Moisturizing Foundations for Dry Skin

Finding the best moisturizing foundations for dry skin begins with understanding what sorts of ingredients make the biggest difference in your day-to-day makeup routine. The texture and consistency of moisturizing foundations for dry skin can play an important role as well. Pay special attention to how well these types of foundations hold up over the course of your day and what other features might make them worth buying.

Different skin types require different care, which is why finding the best moisturizing foundations for dry skin is so important. No matter what type of facial foundation you are looking for, it’s important to know that choosing one with the right ingredients can make all the difference in your appearance and how much you like using your makeup each day.

Moisturizing Foundations vs. Other Types of Foundation

Some people turn to tinted moisturizers as an alternative to using regular moisturizing foundations for dry skin. While tinted moisturizers offer many of the same benefits without adding too much extra preparation time before you leave the house in the morning, they usually offer fewer color options than traditional moisturizing foundations for dry skin. Sometimes, they also lack ingredients like sunscreen required by law in most countries (including the USA).

It’s important to note that moisturizing foundations for dry skin usually aren’t enough by themselves if you have severe blemishes, scars, or other types of discoloration on your face. A separate concealer may be required in some cases. If you consider buying more than one type of facial makeup, find out how they work together before making a final purchase decision.

When it comes to finding the best moisturizing foundations for dry skin, remember that each person has different needs and priorities when shopping. Whether you are specifically looking for a product that hydrates without feeling too heavy or one with flexible coverage, knowing what is available in the beauty industry can help save time and money on purchases you may not love in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions – Moisturizing Foundations

Why Does My Moisturizing Foundation for Dry Skin Feel Heavy?

This can be due to several different factors. Still, likely, your moisturizing foundations for dry skin needs are not being met. Makeup applied on top of tired skin will never look as great as when it is applied over well-rested skin; similarly, if the incorrect products are used in your routine (such as oil or water-based moisturizers), the texture and feel may also be affected. For more information on choosing the best moisturizing foundations for dry skin, click here

How Can I Tell if a Moisturizing Foundation is Right for Me?

There are several different factors to consider when choosing the best moisturizing foundation based on your specific needs. From looking at what types of coverage you want or need to find the best moisturizing foundation for dry skin that meets your specific needs, it’s possible to find the right product for you with just a little bit of research.

What Kinds of Moisturizers are in Moisturizing Foundations?

Although all moisturizing foundations are designed to be moisturizing, there isn’t always consistency in what types of ingredients they use. It’s important to carefully read the box or product description if you have sensitive skin so that you know exactly what kind of moisturizer is being used. This might include salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, dimethicone, or any number of other ingredients that can offer benefits for any particular type of dryness or peel on your face.

Do They Contain SPF?

Yes! Typically, nearly all moisturizing foundations contain some form of sunscreen to keep your face safe from harmful UV rays. When choosing a facial foundation with sunscreen, ensure it provides an SPF rating of at least 15 (for everyday use) or higher.

Why am I Red After Putting Moisturizing Foundation on my Cheeks?

If you are experiencing redness after applying a moisturizing foundation, it might be due to a number of different factors. If your moisturizers aren’t compatible with the ingredients in your foundation, they may break down and cause this type of irritation; similarly, not giving yourself enough time to create a smooth blend between products can also lead to uncomfortable feelings like tightness in certain areas of the face.

How can I make my moisturizing foundation last all day?

Powder foundations are best if you want your foundation to last all day. However, they can dry out your skin or cause it to flake off, so choose a color that is one shade lighter than what you normally wear. This will produce the most natural look and help ensure your foundation lasts through the night.

Moisturizing versus oil-free foundations: which should I choose?

Most experts agree that oil-based moisturizing foundations are better than their water-based equivalents due to their added moisture content. However, that doesn’t mean that oil-free moisturizing foundations are not worth buying. They can help control your skin’s moisture levels, which is especially important for people who have acne or oily skin.

What are the best foundations for sensitive skin?

Water-based moisturizing foundations can sometimes irritate sensitive skin. Still, mineral makeup is an excellent choice if you want the same type of coverage without breakouts. Alternatively, make your own foundation at home with ingredients like cocoa powder or shea butter to help reduce irritation and improve your complexion over time.

How should I choose a moisturizing foundation based on my skin tone?

Many moisturizing foundations now come in multiple shades, which allows you to match them more closely with your natural skin tone. If that isn’t available, look for something that will provide full coverage to mask any discoloration or unevenness in your face. This helps ensure even application every time you apply makeup each day.

Is it better to buy a moisturizing foundation or make my own?

Homemade moisturizing foundations usually cannot match the quality of commercial brands. Still, they can help you save money and get creative with new textures and ingredients. Be careful when making your own moisturizing foundations at home, though: some ingredients (like certain oils) can cause breakouts on sensitive skin types.

How should I clean my moisturizing foundation brush?

Professional makeup artists recommend cleaning your brushes every few uses to ensure that the bristles will continue to remain smooth and even. Cleaning your brush with a specially formulated soap or shampoo twice a month is typically good enough for most types of brushes, but make sure you avoid using water or conditioner around the base of the bristles as these can damage the handle over time.

Is it safe to use a moisturizing foundation every day?

This is a question that many makeup artists ask themselves when choosing the right facial foundation for their clients. Some recommend using oil-free foundations on a daily basis and switching to moisturizing products for special events (like weddings and proms). Others say you should alternate between heavy and light-coverage foundations each week instead.


Finding the best moisturizing foundations for dry skin begins with understanding how ingredients can impact their overall effectiveness. Using this information as a foundation, you’ll be able to find the perfect facial makeup for your unique needs in no time at all.

It’s important to note that choosing moisturizing foundations for dry skin isn’t enough by itself. Suppose you have severe blemishes, scars, or other types of discoloration on your face. In that case, you are likely going to need a separate concealer in addition to the moisturizing foundation.

Remember to consider how each type of facial makeup works together before making a purchase decision. The more information you have, the less difficult future shopping experiences will be!

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