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4 Ways To Add Space To Your Small Bedroom

by The Mind Blown

Almost everyone will have a small bedroom at some point in their lives. Whether it’s when you’re a child and you don’t get a lot of space. Or maybe it was when you were in college living in a small dorm room. Possibly it was in your first home or apartment.

Whatever the time period, there are some valuable tips and tricks that can help to make sure that the amount of space in your room is maximized to its potential.

Hopefully, this article will help you to get a better idea of different options you have to add more usable space to your room.

1. Install Shelves High On The Walls

Let’s start with an easy one. Simply adding some shelves up near your ceiling can give you an enormous amount of extra storage space in a spot that you will literally never otherwise use.

Shelving units like this can be purchased extremely cheaply either at Amazon or your local department store (like Walmart or Target).

When you install just to make sure that the shelves are above your head and not in a place where there’s any possibility of you hitting them in your regular movements around the room.

2. Use an Air Mattress Instead of a Regular Mattress

King Koil Luxury Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump for Home, Camping & Guests - 13” Queen Size Inflatable Airbed Luxury Double High Adjustable Blow Up Mattress, Durable Portable Waterproof

This is a bold recommendation but, if you follow my advice, you’ll add an enormous amount of space to your bedroom.

There are plenty of reasons not to sleep on an air mattress every night but there are some really good ones to do so.

The obvious reason to switch to an air mattress is that they can be deflated between uses to save space. Modern air mattresses are exceedingly easy to inflate and deflate and most have built-in motors. Simply plug in your air mattress, press the button, and it will be inflated in minutes.

It’s worth pointing out that if you decide to get an air bed that you’ll want to get a comfortable, durable one. One thing I always recommend about air mattresses (and mattresses in general) is to never cheap out. If you’re interested, websites like Air Bed Comparisons and others like it provide great information and reviews about air mattress sleeping.

3. Raise Your Bed Frame With Risers

Add some extra storage space to your room by raising your bed up (usually between six inches and a foot) to be able to put things under it.

My personal recommendation would be to find the storage boxes that you’d like to use under your bed first and then find the right risers to make sure it’s at the right height. There’s nothing more annoying than getting home from the store and realizing that the storage you bought won’t fit under your bed.

4. Get a Closet Shoe Organizer

AOODA 3-Tier Long Shoe Rack for Closet Stackable Wide Shoe Shelf Organizer and Storage for Floor, Entryway (Bronze)

It’s really easy to simply take off your shoes and chuck them somewhere in your room. Stray shoes are annoying when you want to leave the house and can’t find the matching pair and also make your room cluttered and messy.

A closet shoe organizer will give your shoes a home – get yourself in the habit of putting your shoes in their correct spot in your closet and you will find yourself with a much less cluttered room (and some extra floor space too).


Hopefully, this has been helpful – there are many ways to save space but these are the ones that I think provide the best bang for your buck in a small bedroom.

One of a kind Bedroom Furniture Concept To Brighten Up Your Space

Room furniture does not need to exhaust and conventional. This one kind of thought can change the normal into something phenomenal.

Swing Bed

Swing Bed

A swing can serve as a great deal more than only an open-air toy. Actually, you can transform an outside swing into an agreeable bit of room furniture with a little development.

Rather than the conventional setup, with a back and situate, you can lay it level. Add a lightweight sleeping cushion to the stage and you are ready. Suspending the swing from the roof takes uncommon snares with a specific end goal to bolster the weight. You ought to likewise make a point to connect the snares to joists to guarantee that you don’t fall amid the night.

Changing Your Closet

Instead of putting your frame and mattress out in the open space of the bedroom, try to arrange it in your closet, instead. This frees up the room to hold other objects such as a cozy workspace or a library area while giving you a place to lay your head at night.

This idea works best for guest areas where you want to give your visitors added privacy when space has to double as a regular living area.

Shelving Can Double as Head and Foot Boards

If your room has limited space, you might not be able to have a head or footboard on your frame. Instead, use a shelving system as your head or footboard. The shelves offer additional storage that would normally be taken up by the head or foot-board, while giving you the look or feel you desire.

Dressers Make Great Mattress Frames

Discovery World Furniture Charcoal Full Size Bookcase Captain Bed with 6 Drawer Storage on ONE Side Opposite Side is Open

If your bedroom furniture is limited by space, finding a wide dresser may be the answer to your problem. Instead of having a traditional setup, put your mattress on top of the dresser.

This gives you storage that you need for your clothing while providing the support you need for your mattress. You can find frames with drawers in them, often called captain’s beds, to double as a dresser, as well.

Non-Traditional Uses Make Great Options

Nightstands are important. They hold alarm clocks and lamps. Avid readers can use bookcases instead of a traditional setup. Those who love travel might stack up a few old suitcases. Older small stepladders can also add whim to your décor.

There are other areas where you can think outside of the box with regards to bedroom furniture. For example, families with children may choose something other than a traditional dresser for their children.

Metal shelving with plastic bins offers a unique space for clothes. The bins can be easily decorated and changed out as the child grows. Another interesting idea is to replace traditional drawers with laundry baskets. This way when clothes are cleaned and folded, the basket can then be easily set in the dresser. No more having to put clothes away each week.

Bedroom furniture does not have to be traditional. By arranging pieces differently or even repurposing other items throughout your home to function as a nightstand or dresser, you can redefine your space into something you will truly enjoy.

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